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Heroes -  megan de kruijf

"The concept for Heroes came about in a club toilet stall. I would describe my state of mind at that moment as romantically intoxicated. High of the invincibility of being a teenager that goes hand in hand with being heroic and sometimes slightly selfish. Hungover in bed the next morning (afternoon..) I realised I am not a hero, I just want to feel as loved as I did out and about with my friends that night." - Megan de kruijf

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Megan de Kruijf (22) is a britsh/dutch artist born and raised in Amsterdam. She has been working as an actor in film and television from an early age and is currently studying performance art at the Theatre Academy in Maastricht. Megan started writing songs at the age of 15 and has developed her writing skills ever since. Her lyrics are a razor sharp commentary on the existential crisis that inevitably goes hand in hand with coming of age. Megan aims to combine her passion for music and performance art through her songs.

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